Bike under the stars in Copper Mountain’s first annual night Winter Bike Race. This unique winter cycling event is Saturday, Jan. 14. The race kicks off after your day on the slopes, with a 5:30 p.m start. Chris Runyon with Copper expects a great evening. “You know you’re living large when you ski all day and race at night.”

The 10-mile Copper En Fuego course is open to riders of all fitness and skill levels and will utilize the groomed Nordic ski trails, a stair climb, heated brick pavers, snow banks, hills, an ice rink ride, and more. It’s a two-lap circuit throughout the villages of Copper. Riders can use a regular mountain bike or a snow bike. Wider rims and tires help, as do studded tires, which are allowed. But the extra weight might slow you down. Don’t forget a helmet as it’s required, too.

The inaugural race is hosted by the Cloud City Wheelers, which is a bicycle club based in Leadville, Colo. The $20 entry fee benefits local bike groups around the Leadville area. Parking is free that day if you’re a racer.

Copper Mountain. Photographer Ken Lumsden

Riders with the Cloud City Wheelers take a winter jaunt through the mountain trails. Photo courtesy Ken Lumsden.

Those who want to just watch can catch the action from Center Village. Bring a light and bundle up because the fun continues after the bike race with a party featuring a DJ, fireworks and drinks at Copper’s Incline Bar & Grill.

Copper Incline Bar & Grill

The Incline Bar & Grill is at the base area of Copper Mountain. Photo courtesy Shannon Lukens.

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