In its ninth edition, France's National Snow Shoeing Day will take place Jan. 10 at 45 different locations throughout the French mountains, including Parpoutel Les 7 Laux, Pyrenees 2000, Les Contamines Montjoie, and Sauze Super Sauze.

This festive and friendly day allows the public to discover or progress in this activity suitable for everyone, whatever their physical condition may be.

Snow shoeing is synomymous with awareness of the environment. Discovering the mountain and all its facets - natural, historic, and human - must respect the fragile setting. Thanks to advice from onsite professionals, trekkers and cross-country skiers can learn how to better protect the mountain environment.

At each of the official locations, mountain guide teams propose several different activities. While each has its own programme, all will include:

  • Reception of participants around 9 a.m.

  • Thematic walks during the morning

  • Short, three-hour hikes or more thematic walks in the afternoon

  • Around 4:30 p.m, prize draws accompanied by hot spiced wine refreshments

  • Workshops on mountain weather, nivology, and ARVA use throughout the day

To find out the programme for a specific location, consult the Web site (in French) of the Journée Nationale de la Raquette à Neige (National Snow Shoeing Day).

It will be possible to hire gear on site if necessary. Sports shops generally offer special discounted packages for the event.

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