Mountain High has a new, environmentally friendly way for skiers and snowboarders to access the mountain. The Express Pass is a reusable, hard-plastic card, which can be encoded time and time again. The Pass saves time and money for guests.

The Express Pass can be purchased at any Mountain High ticket window for $5 and can be activated on Mountain High’s website. Guests can then pre-activate their Express Pass, and avoid the hassle of waiting in the ticket line leaving more time for fun on the snow. 

Not only does the Express Pass guarantee a reservation in the case of a sellout, but it also saves $5 each time it is used on a non-holiday. The card pays for itself in the first visit. The card also offers exclusive discounts and a free adult eight-hour lift ticket after five uses. 

A tiny Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip inside the pass makes for hands-free lift access. The chip communicates with the turnstiles and opens the gates automatically.  

Through Mountain High’s electronic-access ticketing system, riders are able use their smart phone or computer to check their personal statistics, such as number of days ridden, as well as number of runs and vertical feet logged. 

The Express Pass reduces the waste of millions of discarded lift tickets and changes the way you access the mountain. With the Express Pass, guests save money, reduce waste and enjoy comparing their statistics between friends.