Children and adults can try snowshoeing and cross country skiing free on Winter Trails day Jan. 9, 2010 during national Learn a Snow Sport Month. The southernmost of the designated 80 locations nationwide is Sugar Mountain in North Carolina. Four additional locations in the mid-Atlantic are The Homestead in Virginia; White Grass in Canaan Valley, West Virginia; Wisp in Maryland; and Liberty Mountain in Pennsylvania.  Sugar and Liberty are offering snowshoeing only.

"Winter Trails can appeal to those who may not quite be ready for alpine skiing and snowboarding but want to try a winter sport," said Reese Brown, coordinator for the national event. "Current Alpine skiers and snowboarders may want to try something different."  Winter Trails celebrates its 15th year in 2010.

Sugar is offering guided tours on trails that include a vigorous hike to the peak of the mountain or meandering walks along more gentle Green Circle terrain.  The tours are free on Winter Trails day. Liberty only allows snowshoeing on Winter Trails day and designates a slope just for the event.  It features the President's Challenge coordinated through the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. A special clinic is planned for the entire family.

White Grass is a part of the Canaan Valley triangle that also includes Canaan Valley Resort and  Timberline.  White Grass and nearby Wisp Resort have a full schedule planned for the day. 

More Information. Or call  703-556-9020