In Molise there are some of more pures and incontaminates mountains in Italy. The most ancient one is the Matese whose peak is over 2.000 meters above the sea. Rich of rivers, torrents and forests to high stalk of maple trees, oaks and firs. The Matese Mountain is also famous for the phenomenon of the carsismo: wonderful coves and between the more important in Italy, goal of numerous speleologi. The main tourist localities are Campitello Matese and Capracotta, both great skiing station. The other important montuosa chain is that one of the Mainarde, with elevated summits still more regarding the Matese, forests of faggio and firs. They are ancient mountains much, of limestone origin. The wind and the water have left numerous traces, forming throats, calanchi and the beautifulst giant stock-pots. The Mainarde offers a spectacular grassy mantle, finds real red deers, caprioli, aquile to you, but also species animals like martore, makes some, donnole, to vipere.
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