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website says that most likely they are NOT opening this season.

301 day(s) ago - Saddleback Inc..

iPhone (2)

I know there was an issue with one of there lifts not being up to code. I hadn't heard if they were getting it fixed so it's up to code. Because it would suck if they don't open its a nice mountain and they just redid the lodge.

330 day(s) ago - Saddleback Inc..


I heard that it is opening

336 day(s) ago - Saddleback Inc..


Website said they are looking to open towards end of January. My guess is Martin Luther King Jr weekend.

340 day(s) ago - Saddleback Inc..

iPhone (2)

Any word if the mountain is going to open this year?

341 day(s) ago - Saddleback Inc..