Lower Austria offers a diverse variety of activities for your winter vacation like skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skating or snowshoeing. The state is well-known for it’s smooth slopes and medium-rise mountains. Lower Austria encompasses the part of the Eastern Alps that is also called ‘Wiener Alpen’.

While the ski areas Hochkar, Zau[:ber:]g Semmering, or St. Corona am Wechsel attract winter sports enthusiasts, the Waldviertel Niederösterreich is also popular with spa guests. Lower Austria is also famous for it’s diverse cultural offers.
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3.4mi 6.2mi 2.2mi 1.9mi/11.8mi
Last Updated: 12/ 4
0.6mi 0mi 0mi 0.6mi/0.6mi
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4.3mi 3.1mi 1.2mi 0mi/8.7mi
Last Updated: 12/ 4
4.3mi 5mi 2.5mi 0.6mi/11.8mi
Last Updated: 3/28
3.4mi 3.7mi 1.2mi 0mi/8.4mi
Last Updated: 3/23
6.8mi 3.1mi N/A  
Last Updated: 4/ 4
3.7mi 4mi 0.6mi 0mi/8.7mi

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