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Villars - Gryon +

Great conditions, lifts worked fine and queues were reasonable. Highly recommended.

285 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.

Packed powder 2"
Colin’s iPhone

Went skiing during the half term holidays. All lifts were working, excellent snow conditions and no wait times for lifts. Highly recommend

288 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.

Packed powder 4"
Villars - Gryon +

293 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.

Packed powder 2"

Great snow, very short lines, beautiful all over.

301 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.

Powder 3"

30 min wait for the train and then lift not open until 1030. It's a zoo

303 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.