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Villars - Gryon +

Great conditions and super day skiing in Villars

22 hours ago - Villars - Gryon.


Is it true that some of the lifts in Villars are in bad condition and some not working at all?

7 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.


Extremely disappointed Trains to the skiing area run every 30min and so full that you can't even get to the platform. You wait 30-45 min to get onto the train and then 30 min on the train. Expect to spend 2-3 hours getting between the town and the ski area. If you then add all the waiting for broken lifts you are lucky to get 90min skiing out of a full day. Not worth the money

8 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.

Villars - Gryon +

Great skiing

13 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.

Michael's iPad

Just completed 6 days skiing and had great skiing Tuesday thru Friday. Sat and Sunday were just ok. Lots of ice and big lift lines. The lift lines are poorly managed and many chairs go up partially filled.

14 day(s) ago - Villars - Gryon.