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how is Schweitzer this days? Any better than the resorts near the Coast?

18 hours ago - Schweitzer.

Schweitzer +

I was up there yesterday 1/19. The first half of the morning was beautiful but the second half, the visibility was bad. Snow condition wise, it rained a little bit the night before so you get this crusty layer on top of 4" of powder. Makes it extremely difficult to turn off the groomers. Stay on the groomers till it soften up!

5 days ago - Schweitzer.

Hard Packed 1"
mountain man

Snow is extremely crusty at the top and untied able off of groomers. Snow softened up towards the bottom although wind stopped the great escape from operating.

7 days ago - Schweitzer.

Powder 10"
mom's phone

Great snow tonight for twilight skiing.

7 days ago - Schweitzer.

Powder Hound

decent snow... a bit heavy with a thin crust over powder in the morning. but it softened up by 11.

9 days ago - Schweitzer.