Hôtel Au Coeur de Megève

Hôtel Au Coeur de Megève
Hôtel Au Coeur de Megève

Hôtel Au Coeur de Megève

The hotel is composed of 36 bedrooms, including 7 suites. We can also propose you communicating bedrooms. All of our bedrooms are now renovated in a mountain style where the wood stands to give a warm atmosphere. The restaurant introduces you its new chef M. Tison Jérôme, who is preparing to compete for best chef of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). He created new meals for adults with his “Citronella, Vanilla Sea salt (Fleur de Sel) Parrot filet”, but also for children with “Surprise” desserts. Think about reserving to enjoy a light and refined original cooking.
The family Giazzi will greet you warmly in there comfortable mountain hotel. From there you will contemplate the church and its priory, the torrent “Nant des Cordes” at the bottom of the hotel, the village’s main road.
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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Rooms: 36
  • Altitude: 3631ft


  • Internet
  • Restaurants

Hôtel Au Coeur de Megève

44 rue Charles Feige | 74120 MEGEVE
Phone: 04 50 21 25 30

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