Graubünden is one of the leading Swiss ski regions with more than 50 ski areas to choose from, including world famous names like Arosa, Davos, Flims, Klosters, Laax, Lenzerheide and arguably the world’s most famous ski resort, St Moritz.

As St Moritz is where the first winter sports holiday was staged nearly 150 years ago in the early 1860s, it could be claimed that Graubünden represents the very first ski holiday region in the world.

It can make many claims – Davos operated one of the world’s first ski lifts and St Moritz the first electricity in Switzerland and the country’s only Winter Olympics. The Engadin lift pass to which it is included is one of the country’s largest lift pass areas, another is the Davos-Klosters region.

Davos is of course a major health centre and attracts the world’s most important people every January to the World Economic Forum, while the British Royal family opt for Klosters. Flims and Laax are another big ski area, as is that of Lenzerheide while Arosa remains one of the world’s classic resorts.

Most resorts in Graubünden are well connected by Switzerland’s efficient rail system, the Engadin Valley’s rail link of particularly note, now being a UNESCO recognised cultural attraction in its own right. Once in resort expect high mountains all around you in this area where ski lifts commonly stretch up above 3,000m opening up some huge verticals. Most are crowned by glaciers too giving long, snow-sure seasons.
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0mi 1.9mi 0mi 0mi 0mi/1.9mi
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N/A 29.8mi 92mi 16.8mi 111.2mi/138.6mi
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0mi 3.7mi 7.5mi 1.2mi 0mi/12.4mi
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0mi 19.9mi 23.6mi 6.2mi 0mi/49.7mi
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0mi 18.6mi 23mi 8.1mi 8.1mi/49.7mi
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