I was surprised how good St Moritz is

by: Sal Black - Dec 19, 2008

  • Overall Rating 4
  • Family Friendly 4
  • All-Mtn. Terrain 4
  • Terrain Park 4
  • Nightlife 4

    Pros: Sunshine, snow, ambience, history, good infrastructure

    Cons: Some fragmentation in lift system, some of the rich people are rude

    Recommended For: Singles, Empty Nesters

    Date Visited: Apr 1, 2008

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I've known about St Moritz ever since I started skiing of course, probably longer. The image is of glitz and glamour of course and you can walk past the big hotels and gawp at the super rich that are there as if you are looking at Buckingham Palace or the Vatican. But wjhen I gort there (By a fantastic rail journey) I realised I had this 'image' so much in my head than I didn't think about this being 99% a regular ski resort, and as it turned out a really good one.

I like the long ski history of the place, or rather the long history of being crazy about snow and ice sports - right back to the 1860s. The whole history of winter sports dates back to St Moritz, so it is a kind of place of pilgrimage. OK it was only the rich who could afford it for the first few decades, and even now being rich helps, but still you can sense that love of the snow when you're there.

I guess the anonymous reviewer in Jan 07 visited when the whole Alps had their much publicised "Bad winter" when the newspapers said "This is the end of skiing in the Alps, no more snow." When I went the snow was fantastic. I am not a big off opisate powder fan, although there was plenty of that, I just enjoyed crusing down the fast blue Princess run over and over.

Away from the swanky restaurants we found prices were in line with the rest of the Alps in shops, restaurants and hotels.