Avoid weekends and Friday nights at all costs

by: Skifamily - Jan 9, 2009

  • Overall Rating 3
  • Family Friendly 2
  • All Mtn. Terrain 4
  • Terrain Park 0
  • Nightlife 2

    Pros: Off peak, not bad given proximity to civilization

    Cons: Death race 2000 on weekends

    Recommended For: Singles

    Date Visited: Mar 1, 2008

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Considering you are in NW New Jersey, the mountain itself is not half-bad. I've skied there on a few days when natural snow was falling or had recently fallen, and it's plenty of mountain to use for a tune up. They usually let one or two trails bump up,and there are some steeps (though admittedly quite short) to keep you awake.

The problem is that, by being one of the larger hills in close proximity to several major metropolitan areas, MC attracts (literally) busloads of meatheads who will kill you if you are not careful. Imagine Vinnie, resplendant in his Jets parka, coming down the hill at warp speed with absolutely no idea of how to stop. Combine that with long lift lines and trails that are skied off... well you get the idea.

If you must ski on a weekend, get there at the crack-o-dawn and plan to quit by noon. That gets expensive, but what's your life worth?

IF MC would create a "families only" section (just one or two green trails) on weekends, I'd consider it with my kids. But, as it stands, I will never bring my children there on a weekend and only reluctantly on a weekday.