At 107 mm underfoot, the Gotama is the narrowest of the Völkl big mountain collection, all of which are fully rockered skis with a smooth, gradual bend from tip to tail and a matching sidecut and flex. The more the Gotama is placed on edge, the more effective the edge becomes while also adding maneuverability in soft snow. Testers praised the Gotama’s overall performance, scoring high marks for stability. “Skis like steal I-beams with p-tex.” said Volckhausen. “It’s powerful and fast but snappy too.” The hard snow performance comes from a construction similar to race skis: full wood core, vertical sidewalls and torsion box internal lay-up. “It’s a very hardy ski,” said Ertl. “A bit cumbersome for bumps, but it loves to dig trenches and has no speed limit.” “A hard-charging crud buster,” added Kasper.