The XX110 West is the third and widest of a trinity of skis that include the Colby and James, all named after the X Games athlete Colby James West. The XX110 is considered by Kästle to be a playful backcountry twintip. It’s symmetrical (134-110-134) and fully rockered. Testers gave it high marks for both carving and playfulness, calling it a “soft carving ski in a wide body,” according to Rodman. Dual Hollowtech technology (weight-reducing milled out tips and tails) and hook-free twin tips add the playful part, while the beech/poplar wood core and sandwich ABS sidewall construction add precision. “This twintip suits All-Mountain mixed groomers and bumps,” Minneci said. “It wouldn’t be my choice for a deep day, but it’s fun, light and fluid.”