Referred to as high-performance freeride skis, the BMX line has four models ranging from 98 millimeters to 128 millimeters underfoot. According to Schlopy, the BMX 118 is “very stable at high speeds and in crud, sluggish with tight turns and not the most playful of skis in the category.” Testers agreed, giving it high marks for stability, but lower scores for versatility. The BMX 118 features a 118-millimeter waist, a poplar wood core, early rise tip, low but positive camber underfoot, a hook free shovel and tail plus Kästle’s unmistakable dual Hollowness technology—a pink fiberglass-filled tip and tail section designed to reduce weight and dampen vibrations. “This ski is like a race powder ski: the faster you go, the better it gets,” Stoeger said.