“Fat skis carve?” asked Stoeger, a Snowbird, Utah local. “Yes they do and you can lock and load these babies.” The fully twin-tipped Gunsmoke received its highest marks for versatility and carving. While not as forgiving as other skis in the powder category, the solid and damp ski “has a directional, driving feel and wants to be engaged throughout the turn,” according to Crawford. “It instills confidence in any terrain when up on edge.” The 114 millimeter-waisted Gunsmoke features Flipcore 3D technology, which flips the woodcore upside down during manufacturing, adding tip and tail rocker without bending it into the twin tips. Construction includes full sandwich compound sidewalls designed to add constant edge pressure over the length of the ski, and a full wood core made from poplar and bamboo. “Lots of power, lots of energy, lots of life,” Witman said.