The Norwalk gets an update for 2013/2014, which includes rocker in the tip only. Testers commented on the Norwalk’s soft tip and wide forebody (140 millimeters at 179 centimeters) and awarded it high marks for flotation. “The rise in the tip makes this ski float well,” Witman said. “The tail feels solid.” Other testers felt the unrockered tail tracked well in soft snow. Lowest scores were for carving and according to Bills “the ski felt nervous until fully tipped over.” Design specs include a five-dimension sidecut (where the contact point in the forebody is the widest part of the ski), a backcountry-friendly lightweight wood core plus fiberglass layered in a lattice pattern. “Put the heat to these ski and they do not flinch,” according to Bristow. “Makes great high-speed powder turns.”