The Amphibio 82 Ti stands out from other skis in terms of looks, which is the result of two unique technologies from Elan. The Amphibio profile creates a cambered inside edge and a rockered outside edge (and a right and left ski) for better grip and control, while the visible Waveflex waves rippling down the top sheet absorb vibration. Testers gave it high marks for carving. "This ski wants to be in a turn at all times," Dittmar said. "It's fun, easy and forgiving even if forward or back on the tails," Witman added. The damp personality that testers noted comes from Elan’s SST sidewall construction, a wood core and layer of titanium with weight-reducing carbon fibers. "The maneuverability of the ski makes it versatile in bumps," Stoeger said. "It's for those who favor a lightweight and easy to steer ski with a medium speed limit."