The AMP Rictor 90XTi shares a similar construction and profile with its narrower brethren, the Rictor 82XTi, and also received high scores in the carving category. Whereas the Frontside ski was user-friendly, multiple testers called the 90 millimeter-waisted Rictor 90 a “hard-charging All-Mountain ski.” "It's a great ripper that demands accuracy off trail," Stoeger said. "There's no speed limit... it just holds on hard and charges." "Don't relax, it skis bigger than its length," warned Zawacki. "If you're on the gas pedal, it reacts with excitement." Construction includes an X-shaped carbon layer on the forebody for torsional rigidity, a full wood core plus metal laminate layers. The Rictor 90XTi also has tip rocker, a shock absorbing secondary core and vertical sidewalls underfoot with a light cap in the tip and tail.