Fischer Pro Mountain 86 Ti ski review, 2017/2018 men's All-Mountain Front Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

You wouldn’t guess the Pro Mountain 86 Ti has two Titanal layers inside because Fischer figured out three ways to trim the fat in a classic wood-and-metal sandwich. First they lopped off a large chunk of material by cutting away the top corners, creating a slanted surface named Razorshape. Then Fischer called on its vast expertise in the cross-country skis domain, importing its Air Tec core technology that carves offset channels in the core, reducing the Pro Mountain 86 Ti mass to a minimum. Finally, 12K carbon fiber caps off the tip and tail, slicing the ski's swing weight. The net result is a ski with the carving clout of wood and metal assembled in a featherweight fashion that makes turning effortless. Being easier to handle makes the Pro Mountain 86 Ti more accessible to those on the cusp of advanced, all-terrain skiing. Greg Whitehouse, proprietor of California Ski Company, extolled it as “Very solid and smooth as silk for high-speed cruising in a variety of terrain. If you don’t care to slow down, just hang on and grin!”