Rossignol Experience 88 HD ski review, 2017/2018 men's All-Mountain Front Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

The Experience series is the core of the Rossi line, a Frontside collection that descends to the lowest package-ski price point and ascends into the All-Mountain Front and All-Mountain Back ski categories with the Experience 88 HP and the top-of-the-line Experience 100 HD, respectively. For most intermediate to advanced skiers, the Rossignol's Experience 88 HD is the sweet spot, a carving ski with a little more meat on its bones to make it more amenable to off-trail travels. Because the Experience 88 HD is easy to steer with minimal edge angle, it’s a great choice for the skiing dropout who’s returning to the sport after a long hiatus. But don’t let the ski’s gentle disposition lull you into thinking it has a limited performance range. Last season, Rossignol added Carbon Alloy Matrix, a grid made of carbon and basalt, to the Experience 88 (hence the HD suffix). Simply put, it made the ski better in every way without spoiling its sunny attitude. “As good as a carving ski gets,” lauded Michael C. from Footloose. “Holds an amazing edge, and the ski is effortless. You could ski all day and not feel it.”