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I'm cereal

Copper you open up right now!!!!!

182 day(s) ago - Copper Mountain Resort.

Powder 10"
Copper Mountain Resort +

New snow on top off Sierra and fast runs all over what was open today. All in all a great last day. Thanks @CopperMtn for staying open.

187 day(s) ago - Copper Mountain Resort.

Spring Snow 2"
Copper Mountain Resort +

Miss skiing

187 day(s) ago - Copper Mountain Resort.

Packed powder 7"

The correct wax is key for powder and spring conditions. I haven't been out and have not heard of too much dust, but last spring we had layers of dust that once certain parts of mountain melted, exposed themselves. Usually pretty visible, but not always. If you randomly hit spots where to seem to slow rapidly, it could be a dust layer...Keep eye out for the off white snow. I have seen a few people bite it head over heels hitting dust patches.

188 day(s) ago - Copper Mountain Resort.

Copper Mountain Resort +

189 day(s) ago - Copper Mountain Resort.