Carinthia is a popular holiday destination, not only fort he Germans and Austrians. You can go skiing in Carinthia on diverse slopes for all levels of difficulty. Furthermore, the Austrian state is well-known for it’s snow reliability. If you spend your winter vacation in Carinthia, you can choose between outstanding ski areas such as Ankogel, Bad Kleinkirchheim, Nassfeld-Hermagor, or the Mölltaler Gletscher. Everybody can find their ideal ski area here, there are areas suitable for families but also demanding ski resorts. The ski areas in Carinthia range from the low mountain range to the high mountain ranges with massive 3000 m peaks.
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Resort Name User Rating Intermediate Advanced Expert Runs
Last Updated: 10/ 3
1.1mi 5.8mi 1.1mi 0mi/8mi
Last Updated: 4/ 6
11.2mi 47.8mi 5mi 0mi/64mi
Last Updated: 3/17
0.6mi 0.6mi 0mi 0mi/1.2mi
Last Updated: 3/20
3.5mi 4.7mi 2.4mi 0mi/10.6mi
Last Updated: 4/12
1.9mi 5mi 0.6mi 0.1mi/7.5mi
Last Updated: 3/13
3.4mi 0.9mi 2.7mi 0mi/7mi
Last Updated: 4/ 3
7.5mi 16.8mi 1.9mi 0mi/26.1mi
Last Updated: 4/ 6
0mi 0mi 0mi 0mi/15.5mi
Last Updated: 5/ 5
12.4mi 21.1mi 0.6mi 0mi/34.2mi
Last Updated: 7/19
2.2mi 17.9mi 2.2mi 0mi/22.4mi
Last Updated: 4/ 3
11.2mi 6.2mi 0mi 0mi/17.4mi
Last Updated: 3/30
6.2mi 6.8mi 1.9mi 0mi/14.9mi
Last Updated: 3/22
1.9mi 0.6mi 0mi 0mi/3.4mi
Last Updated: 10/17
3.2mi 4.8mi 2.8mi 1.9mi/10.8mi
Last Updated: 4/17
18.6mi 42.9mi 6.8mi 0mi/68.4mi
Last Updated: 3/20
7.7mi 7.7mi 1.4mi 0mi/16.8mi
Last Updated: 3/13
4.3mi 3.1mi 0.6mi 0mi/8.1mi
Last Updated: 3/13
5.5mi 5mi 2.4mi 0mi/12.8mi
Last Updated: 10/ 5
6.2mi 31.1mi 6.2mi 0mi/43.5mi
Last Updated: 5/ 2
8.7mi 14.9mi 2.2mi 0mi/26.1mi
Last Updated: 3/28
1.9mi 11.5mi 0.3mi 0mi/13.7mi


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