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Sunshine Village +

Last ride of the season. Conditions are slushy and there are bare spots and rocks aplenty. Definitely time to shut down for the season.

154 day(s) ago - Sunshine Village.

Wet Snow
Sunshine Village +

If you love hot sunny park laps and groomer slaying as well as being on the mountain in general, there is still plenty of joy to be had up there ❄️☀️

171 day(s) ago - Sunshine Village.

Corn Snow

Wet and slushy later on. Crusty early. Goats Eye has more rocky patches than snow. I couldn't believe they still were charging $100 at this time of year and with these conditions. Not impressed. Even Louise doesn't do that.

173 day(s) ago - Sunshine Village.

Sunshine Village +

ski out is gone. people are sparce. season is over scro

174 day(s) ago - Sunshine Village.

spring skier

These are the worst conditions I have ever seen at sunshine for this time of year. The lower areas are really sticky and even up higher you spend a lot of time dodging rocks and grass.

175 day(s) ago - Sunshine Village.

Wet Snow 0"