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Summit and parts of round house were firm in am , very nice @ midday. maybe a foot of snow by sat . it's needed!

18 hours ago - Alpine Meadows.

Hard Packed 0"
Alpine Meadows +

Not bad. Skied squad heavenly and alpine past three days and alpine has best conditions. Tons of snow making and minimal ice. No lines either

5 day(s) ago - Alpine Meadows.

Hard Packed
Alpine Meadows +

Ice in the morning then slush in the afternoon not many trails / runs open.

6 day(s) ago - Alpine Meadows.

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Alpine Meadows +

Great day

9 day(s) ago - Alpine Meadows.

Wet Snow

The snow at Alpine is always da bomb! I haven't been there since Christmas, but I know the snow must be great! The only thing I know that is bad is that SQUAW took the Cholula away from the Alpine cafeteria! Give it back Squaw!!!!!!!!

11 day(s) ago - Alpine Meadows.

Spring Snow 0"