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Plenty of new snow in the last week. However the pisteurs have been concentrating hard on the FIS Lauberhorn run, leaving several pistes and lifts in abeyance. First area above Grindewald, and slopes local to Murren village still not open. Will all be good when visibilty returns, and World Cup moves on. Plenty of opportunity off piste, uncrowded both on & off.

4 day(s) ago - Grindelwald - Wengen.

Powder 10"
Grindelwald - Wengen +

no natural snow present, all the snow is man made and only on select piste. Snow that's present has turned to hard pack ice. the snow crews have done their best with a horrible situation.

18 day(s) ago - Grindelwald - Wengen.

Machine Made 0"
Grindelwald - Wengen +

Perfect quiet pistes , fantastic weather

311 day(s) ago - Grindelwald - Wengen.

Machine Groomed 0"
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Waking up with fresh snow in Wengen

324 day(s) ago - Grindelwald - Wengen.

Grindelwald - Wengen +

333 day(s) ago - Grindelwald - Wengen.

Wet Snow