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Super sick conditions today

42 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 10"

Powder. In April. Oh my.

42 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 11"
Greg’s iPhone 5s

4/15 was awesome, no crowd and dumped for bout an hour-try the Pot Roast sandwich and ask for coleslaw on it, ideal grub for the perfect sesh during spring shredding!!!

43 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Variable Conditions 4"

Anyone know how the conditions are? They look pretty sketchy based in the webcam but some of the recent reports look better. Is there a closing party and pond skim this weekend?

45 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Arizona Snowbowl +

always a blast, thank you snowbowl

53 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.