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Firsthand Reports

Alyeska Resort +

If you can see, top of chair 6 was pretty nice late afternoon been dumping all afternoon. Mid day sucked, cutting ice cubes mid and top.

255 day(s) ago - Alyeska Resort.

Variable Conditions 3"
Alyeska Resort +

powpow and keeps coming down!

263 day(s) ago - Alyeska Resort.

Powder 3"
Alyeska Resort +

Big wet flakes all morning. Rain below 1000 feet. Lots of land mines. Strap the boots an extra notch and point them down.

271 day(s) ago - Alyeska Resort.

Wet Snow 3"
Kristins Phone

Man, global warming is killing this resort. 500cm base means nothing when the top 30cms are concrete. Half the resort still closed. Terrible

275 day(s) ago - Alyeska Resort.

Hard Packed 0"

Decent up top, awesome grippy slush mid Mtn, and absolutely soaked waterlogged at the bottom, bottom line still worth the reasonably priced night lift tickets, full priced daytime tickets not worth the price!

285 day(s) ago - Alyeska Resort.

Variable Conditions